Web Sites for Animal Research

These are web sites that have information about a variety of animals. Click on a web site and search by clicking on a category or an animal name that is underlined. To return to this page, click on the BACK button at the top of the page until you see this page again.  Ignore advertisements.
Animals at Lincoln Park Zoo
Click on a category to locate animals: BIRDS, MAMMALS, REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS.  Note that there is only information on the animals that are underlined.
Animal Bytes from Sea World and Busch Gardens
Click on the name of an animal in the list.
(To find the information on bears, scroll down all the way to the paw prints.) http://www.nature-net.com/bears/index.html
Scroll all the way down to the bear paws and click on the name of the bear you are researching.
FONZ Library of Animal Facts
This site is organized by categories: Giant Mammals, Small Mammals, Cats & Small Carnivores, Bears, Pandas, Invertebrates, Reptiles, Browsers & Grazers, Seals & Sea Lions, Birds, Primates and Amphibians.  Click on a category to read information about that type of animal.
Indianapolis Zoo Animal Facts
Type in the name of an animal, or find it on the list on the left hand side.
The Philadelphia Zoo - Animals!
Scroll down to see lists of animals organized by categories: Mammals, Aves (Birds), Amphibians and Reptiles.
Sedgwick County Zoo Animal Pages
Click on a category at the top of the page: Mammals, birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, fishes and invertebrates.  A list of animals in that category will appear on the left hand side for you to click on.
The Wild Habitat - Animal Listings
This page lists animals by the categories:  Felines (cats), bears, canines, herbivores, and primates.  Click on an animal name to read more information.
Woodland Park Zoo
Animals are listed by various groups.  Click on the name animal to read facts about that animal.
The Birmingham Zoo
Click on the name of the animal to read more information.
The Virtual Zoo
Click on a category to find the lists of animals: African Wildlife, Amphibians, Bears, Birds, Cats, Extinct Species, Fish / Ocean Life, Pandas, Primates, Reptiles, and Small Mammals.
Desert Animals & Wildlife (DesertUSA)
Scroll down past the "Animal of the Month" and click on the name of an animal to read about it.

Search Engines

First look for your animal in the web sites listed above. If you are not able to find your animal, then you may try using these search engines.  Ask you teacher for help to know it the information you find is from a reliable source.

Child-Safe Search Engines and Educational Directories