Child-Safe Search Engines

and Educational Directories

  • Always use Search Engines as a last resort.  Use Student Start Pages and teacher recommended bookmarks first.

  • Make sure that an adult checks any sites that you find, before you use them as a resource.  Confirm information with another source.

  • Use simple key words and search tricks such as quote marks for phrases, AND, OR and NOT.

  • Always use more than one search engine or directory.

  • If you find an inappropriate site, click BACK and notify an adult.

  • Educational Directories with Search Features:

    (Note:  some web sites in these databases may be more geared for teachers than they are for students.)

    Excellent site created by librarians with a search engine of appropriate educational sites for children.

    Berit's Best Sites for Children:  Search page
    Search Berit's Best Sites.  The only problem is that after you follow a link you have to click the Reload button, because the data from the search may be missing.

    Education World
    Large web site of educational links and a search engine feature to search these links.

    K-12 World!  SecureSearch™
    A SecureSearch is safer for students and other users because it does not search the entire Internet, only those sites that have been approved for educational use.

    Awesome Library - Education Search Engine
    Database of 110,000+ sites related to educational topics.
    Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory for Kids
    Search engine with a kids category.  (limited results)

    Blue Web'n Refined Search
    Search engine of good educational sites, with ratings and grade levels.  However, this is a fairly small database.

    Doesn't give descriptions with first search results and some terms were hard to guess at the relevance.  But the next level produced good descriptions of sites with ratings and approximate grade level provided.

    Child-Safe General Search Engines:

    OneKey - The Kid Safe Search Engine
    Search engine with a large database of kid-safe sites.

    AOL NetFind Kids Only
    A search engine that links only to sites that are safe for kids.

    Child-safe search engine.  Not reviewed for educational relevancy.

    Sites found were screened for inappropriate language etc., but not for educational relevance.  A lot of commercial and advertising sites were found.

    Ask Jeeves for Kids
    Ask a question in plain English instead of using key words.    AJ will tell you what questions he does have answers for that might be similar to yours. Only "G-rated" Web pages and Web pages written specifically for children are included in this knowledge base.  Note:  One annoying feature is that when you go to a suggested site, the location at the top of the page is still listed as  In order to get the correct address for citation purposes, you need to hold down the mouse button (right button on Windows machine) on a blank area of the page.  This will bring up a menu that allows you to open a "new window with this frame."  (Note some older browser versions do not have this function.) The new frame will list the correct location of that page.  At the bottom of the original search results from AJ, you will find that several major search engines have also been searched with the protection of Surf Watch, but not with any filter for educational or child relevance.

    A search engine with built in filters that screen-out pornographic, violent and hate-related sites.  Sites are not filtered for educational relevancy.

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