Guidelines for Planning Student Internet Experiences

Step 1. Become comfortable with the Internet

Tips on Becoming Comfortable with Computers and the Internet

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Step 2. Select appropriate web sites.

Searching Tips

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3. Set a clear objective / outcome for what you expect the students to learn from this experience.

(What is the student learning?)

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4. Reflect on how the use of the technology/ Internet will enhance the achievement of the outcome.

(What does the technology offer that makes it a good tool for this objective?)

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5. Preview all web sites carefully.

Tips for Previewing Web Sites

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6. Decide if this experience would be most effective as a large group presentation, accessed directly by students, or as a combination of both.

Management Tips

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7. Make a bookmark list of the site or sites you will be using in the lesson and save them as a bookmark file in the global shared folder.

Bookmark Tips

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8. Prepare a graphic organizer, rubric, or set of directions for students.

Acceptable Use Policy

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9. Prepare students for what they will be learning and what will be expected of them.

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10. Plan for how you will assess mastery of the objective.

Using the Internet in Elementary Schools

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