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Join an Existing Online Project

Would you like to begin exploring the Internet within the structure of a project that has already been designed? Teachers who have a particular interest and would like to correspond to another class are looking for partner classes? There are a variety of web sites set up for educators to use to post projects. Browse through the most current projects and see if anything fits with your instructional objectives. You may select and join an existing online project with one or more classes. Make use of email (using the teacher's address) to interact and compare ideas or findings with other classes. Add your own extension activities geared for your students' learning needs.  Note:  You can get a free email address for yourself to use for class projects at  That way, you can keep your own email address separate from the class projects.  Some projects post archives of past experiences that can be explored according to your own time table.  For example:  Global Learn, Asia with Pride and the GeoGame.  See below.

Houghton Mifflin Projects
Project Center: Houghton Mifflin Company keeps a listing of On-line Projects for teachers.

Global Schoolnet Hilites archives

Geogame: Sample project
Electronic Elementary Magazine:

Projects for K-3 Cyberlinks for Cyberkids: Telecommunications projects for the elementary grade level classroom.

NickNacks Telecollaborate! - Lots of project links and tips for successful projects.

Discovery Channel School: This site posts projects and activities to go along with their TV programs.

Mindseye Monster Exchange Project: Sample project
Global Learn Expeditions

Asia with Pride: Pride of Baltimore 11 - trip to Asia

Create Your Own Online Project

Do you have an idea for an exchange with a class in another part of the country or the world. Would you like to compare results of a science experiment, share ideas about a book the class is reading, or maybe gather data to compile into a graph or chart? Use the web sites above and below to post your project or locate another interested class.

Classroom Connect - Find other teachers with similar interests.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections

International Registry of Schools on the Web

Steps for Creating Online Projects

Guidelines for Telecommunications Projects

Communicate with other Teachers

Sample of some listserv archives:
Note: Listservs deliver messages to your email box on a regular basis. You subscribe to a listserv according to a topic of interest and then the messages arrive in your box until you unsubscribe. You can also send messages to the listserv if you have a question or comment for others in the group and someone will probably respond. Since Listservs can fill up your email box quickly, you might not want to subscribe to any until you have developed a daily email habit and have time to read the extra messages. As an alternative, many listservs have archived their messages on web pages for anyone to read at any time. However, if you want to ask a question or make a comment, you will need to subscribe.

Summaries of IECC-DISCUSSION topics from their listserv

Classroom Connect Teacher Contact Data Base

Discussion of educational goals for email: This is a message from a listserv that gave someone's personal ideas about educational goals for email.

Tapped In - virtual gathering place for teachers: This site needs to be explored further before we can effectively use it, but it has a great deal of potential.

Additional resources:

Organizing and Facilitating Telecollaborative Projects, by Judi Harris, February 1995 "Mining the Internet" column, The Computing Teacher, Volume 22 Number 5, pp. 66-69 [Electronically reprinted with permission from The Computing Teacher journal, published by the International Society for Technology in Education.]
Judy Harris - Activity Structures. This is a great resource of links to examples of a wide variety of Internet projects. There are many good ideas, but projects are not always currently available to join.

Using the Internet in Elementary Schools

Instructional Uses: Internet /Elementary
Guidelines for Planning Student Internet Experiences / Tip Sheets
Utilizing Web Information
One Computer Classroom
Interactive Projects
Student Start Pages
Teacher Resources


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