Sign Language  Web sites

This is a list of Web sites that have online Signs.  Look up a sign for a word or learn to fingerspell.  Some sites even offer a quiz feature so you can test your skills.

Family Health Reference To ASL

A Basic Guide to ASL
This site provides a dictionary of sign descriptions.  Some of the descriptions also show a small line drawing of the sign.  All signs have a link to an animated version of the sign in Quicktime. Scroll down to click on a letter, Then scroll down on the next page to the list of words to view the video file of the sign.

American Sign Language University First 100 Sign Concepts Tour

American Sign Language Browser - Online animated dictionar y

American Sign Language Manual limited online dictionary of signs

LaRC Sign Language : The American Manual Alphabet and Online Dictionary of signs and common phrases

SIGNhear ThinkQuest The ASL Dictionary contains over 200 signs and descriptions of each one.

The National Business Aviation Association: Sing Language Dictionary

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE)
click on: ASL/SE Vocabulary Index

Cyberschool ASL 1 - This is the first of a series of online courses to learn ASL. Purchase of textbook and related materials is required.

Handspeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online - HandSpeak is the largest, fast-growing popular visual language dictionary online. This contains a large database of animated pictures that show how to form words. It also contains references to many other types of sign languages. Monthly subscription: $5.

GG Wizís Finger Speller
This site takes a while to download. You can type in a phrase and watch it be fingerspelled by a photo of a hand.  You can watch one letter at a time, slow it down or speed it up. You can also try to guess what is being spelled and use practice lessons.

ASL Fingerspelling
This site has nice photos of fingerspelling with animation for the letters that move. You can also type in a word and watch it be fingerspelled.  There is no speed control for the fingerspelling.  They also have a quiz option. There are no numbers

American Sign Language Fonts to download
You can download finger spelling fonts for Macintosh and Windows.  Select Amslan or Gallaudet.  (Handsign is not the same.)

The Deafblind Manual Alphabet Page
The Deafblind Manual Alphabet is different than the American Sign Language alphabet. It is done in the hand of the other person.  This page shows a drawing and description for each letter.

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