Teacher Resources

This page contains links to educational web sites that are useful for Teachers.

A  number of sites that  have collected educational resources have begun to add a search engine feature that allows you to search the collected sites according to a specific topic. These sites are extremely useful and time-saving for teachers. They are listed below as educational search engines.

  • Educational Search Engines 
  • Educational Web Site Collections 
  • Internet Lesson Plans 
  • Reference Sites for Elementary Students 
  • Online Projects 
  • Online Courses and Places to Learn More 
  • ClarisWorks Templates for Elementary Teachers 
  • Resources for Maryland Educators 
  • General Search Engines

  • Using the Internet in Elementary Schools

    Instructional Uses: Internet /Elementary
    Guidelines for Planning Student Internet Experiences / Tip Sheets
    Utilizing Web Information
    One Computer Classroom
    Interactive Projects
    Student Start Pages
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