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These Web Sites are collections of educational topics that have built-in search features to help teachers find sites by keyword search.  Using these search engines before trying general search engines is a great time saver.  Sites are much more likely to be useful, since someone else has done all the work for you.  There is some overlap between these collections, but it pays to search your key word in each of them.

Note:  Sometimes after following a link from the results of these searches the BACK button on the browser takes you to a page that says:  Data Missing.  When this happens, click RELOAD on the Browser Tool Bar and click YES when you are asked: "Repost from data?"

Smart Zone
These Web sites have been specifically selected for educational use by EdView.

Excellent site created by librarians with a search engine of appropriate educational sites for students.

K-12 INFOMINE Search Screen
This is a searchable collection of instructional web sites.

Berit's Best Sites for Children: Search page
Seach Berit's Best Sites. The only problem is that after you follow a link you have to click the Reload
button, because the data from the search may be missing.

Education Planet - The Education Web Guide
This is a searchable collection of educational web sites.  Uncheck the boxes except for web sites and maybe maps.

Education World
Large web site of educational links and a search engine feature to search these links.

SuperKids SuperSearch
This is a collection of educational web sites with a search feature as well as categories.

K-12 World!  SecureSearch™
A SecureSearch is safer for students and other users because it does not search the entire Internet, only those sites that have been approved for educational use.

This is a searchable site of educational web sites.

Awesome Library - Education Search Engine
Database of 110,000+ sites related to educational topics.

Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory for Kids
Search engine with a kids category.  (limited results)

Blue Web'n Refined Search
Search engine of good educational sites, with ratings and grade levels.  However, this is a fairly small database, so use one or two keywords only.

Doesn't give descriptions with first search results and some terms were hard to guess at the relevance.  But the next level gives good descriptions of sites with ratings and approximate grade level provided.

This is a collection of educational sites created by middle and high school students for the ThinkQuest Contest.

LookSmart: Exploring World - Reference & Education k-12 - For Teachers - curriculum content
This is a search engine that searches educational curriculum content information gathered by educational sites.

LookSmart: Exploring World - Reference & Education k-12 - For Teachers - Lesson Plans

This is a search engine that searches lesson plans gathered by a number of educational sites.
The WWW Virtual Library

searchable collection - may not be just geared to kids

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