Tip Sheet:  Increase Your Comfort Level with Computers and the Internet

Note: These directions are written specifically for schools using the Apple Network Server with AtEase and Netscape. Please adapt the directions to meet the needs of the network at your school.

Use this checklist to determine your readiness for using the Internet with elementary school students.

check box I know how to log into the school network and get onto the Internet through Netscape. (In Carroll County, on the Apple Network server, log into the network using your name and password and then launch Netscape from the AtEase panel.)

check box I know how to get to a specific web page by typing the address into Open Location from the File menu.

check box I understand what an address can tell you about the source of the information and I know what to look for on a web page in trying to determine source, bias and date of information.

check box I have developed some technology tolerance. (When the computer crashes or freezes, I just start over.)

check box I can add bookmarks and save bookmarks.

check box I can open a set of bookmarks from the global shared folder or a disk.

check box I can print out information found on the Internet

check box I can copy text from the Internet into a ClarisWorks or other word processing document and then save it. (Respecting copyright laws.)

check box I can copy pictures from the Internet into a ClarisWorks or other paint or draw document and then save them. (Respecting copyright laws.)

check box I am familiar with the School System's Acceptable Use Policy.

check box I understand how a student will log onto the Internet:
Method 1. Student will log in as an Internet User and a supervising adult will type in the password.
Method 2. The student will sign into the Network as usual by choosing his/her name from the AtEase list. The teacher will then launch Netscape for the student from another computer using Network Assistant.

check box I have reviewed guidelines for computer usage with my students.

check box I know how to leave a computer stations ready for the next student or teacher. (Select File quit to quit any open programs and then File quit at AtEase, or go to AtEase, to go back to list of names.)

Using the Internet in Elementary Schools

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