Check List: Previewing Web Sites for Student Use

check box Evaluate the reading level and amount of written information in relation to the level of the students who will be using the site.

check box Evaluate graphics and pictures to determine how they will enhance the students understanding in contrast to how long they will take to load.

check box Consider how closely the information on the web site correlates with curriculum objectives and how it could be most effectively used to enhance student outcomes.

check box Determine source of information, how current the information is and the intent of the web authors. Note any bibliographical information that can later be pointed out to students to verify the source.

check box Determine if the information on the page is factual or opinion, and if opinion, whose opinion? If you choose to use a site portraying an opinion, students will need to be prepared accordingly.

check box Look for amount and location of advertisements. Some advertisements will not be appropriate for students. Sites that are geared for children or schools will probably post more appropriate advertisements, but there is no guarantee. Plan to make students aware of these advertisements, why they are there, and why students will be expected not to click on them, even though they often flash: CLICK HERE.

check box Consider how busy this site is, especially for use on a special day when many students might be trying to access the same site.

check box Test out links from the site and plan to guide students on which links they should use and which ones to avoid. This will increase student's time on task and reduce waiting time for loading unnecessary pages.

check box Note if any special plug-ins or software are needed. Fill out a computer bug report ahead of time to request plug-in or software be loaded on selected computers.

check box Test the site, including plug-ins and or software on the computer(s) that it will be used - prior to introducing it to students.

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