"Make it Yourself" Directions and Workshop Handouts

Linda J. Burkhart


ATIA Orlando - 2014 Handouts:

Rett Syndrome - Assessment and Curricular Materials Modifications
Linda J. Burkhart

Practical Strategies for Implementing Aided Language Stimulation
Linda J. Burkhart with Ideas from Gayle Porter



Stepping Stones To Switch Access (Two Switch Step Scanning)
Linda Burkhart - Converted to chart format by Katie Stuhlsatz and Kathy Lalk, St. Louis Special School District Assistive Technology Specialists

ISAAC Pittsburgh, 2012 Handouts
Handouts from pre-conference and main conference sessions

The Roads to Autonomous Communication
Using Aided Language
Gayle Porter and Linda Burkhart

Creating Communication Communities
Linda Burkhart, Evette Edmister, Julie Freed, Gayle Porter, Shirley Robinson, Amy Staples, Emily Thatcher

Organizing Vocabulary for Paper Communication Books and Electronic Dynamic Display Devices: Similarities and Differences
Gayle Porter and Linda Burkhart

Rett Syndrome: ‘Light Tech’ vs. ‘High Tech’: Should It Be Either / Or?
Linda Burkhart and Judy Seligman-Wine

Assessing During Instruction: Measuring REAL Success for Communication
Linda Burkhart and Gayle Porter

Combining Visual and Auditory Scanning for Children with CVI and Complex Communication Needs
Linda Burkhart and Gayle Porter

7th World Rett Syndrome Congress
Education and Awareness Conference, June 22-24, 2012, Handouts

Apraxia and Communication in Rett Syndrome
Linda J. Burkhart

“Light Tech” Communication part 1: Partner-Assisted Scanning: yes/no
Linda J. Burkhart

“Light Tech” Communication part 2: The Power of PODD - Autonomous Communication for Beginning Communicators
Linda J. Burkhart

"APPy Tyme " APPsolutely APPropriate APPs
Linda Burkhart, Susan Norwell, Judy Lariviere, and Joy Rosen

This part is Linda Burkhart's section - more at: rettworldcongressipad.wikispaces.com

Two Switches to Success Handout
Handout that describes the Stepping Stones to Switch Access Process by Linda J. Burkhart

Switch Interfaces
Chart showing available switch interfaces - updated 3 / 12

IEP Goals - Communication
Sample IEP communication goals including the use of PODD communication books

IEP Goals - Switch Access
Sample IEP goals for using switches for access

Handouts Rett Conference May 2010
Handouts from IRSF - 26th Annual Family Conference

Limitations with Using a Representational Hierarchy Approach for Language Learning
Draft Paper by Gayle Porter and Linda J. Burkhart

Make a Switch Mount with Loc-Line
Directions for creating a simple re-positionable switch mount using Loc-Line

Linda J. Burkhart

Handouts: ISAAC Barcelona, July, 2010
Linda J. Burkhart, Gayle Porter, and Judy Wine

Adding YouTube Videos to Classroom Suite
Directions for adding videos to Classroom Suite Files with Templates to download

Linda J. Burkhart

Aided Language Stimulation:
Research to Practice

ATIA Orlando, January, 2010

Handout by Samuel Sennott, Linda Burkhart, Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite and Joanne Cafiero

Key Concepts for Using Augmentative Communication with Children Who Have Complex Communication Needs
Handout for June 19, 2008

Linda J. Burkhart

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and Complex Communication Needs:
Part 1 – Characteristics and AAC Strategies

CSUN 2008

Handout by Linda Burkhart and John Costello

Make Your Own Talking Switch
Directions for adapting a voice recording photo frame from Radio Shack

Make a Mouse House
Directions for adapting a regular computer mouse so that a child can easily depress the button by pressing on the cover of a small notebook


Computer Play: Using Computers with Young Children
Handout by Linda Burkhart

What We Are Learning About Early Learners and Augmentative Communication and Assistive Technology
Handout by Linda Burkhart

Adapting Play and Communication: Enhancing Interaction and Cognitive Skills in Young Children
Handout by Linda Burkhart

Catching a Glimpse and Fueling the Flames
of the Hidden Torch Within
Handout by Linda Burkhart (5/09)

Communication Strategies for Children who
have Rett Syndrome: Partner-Assisted
Communication with PODD
Handout by Linda Burkhart

Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for
Children Who have Rett Syndrome
Handout by Linda Burkhart - July, 2007

Can We Chat? handout from Closing The Gap 2001/2002 (pdf)
Caroline Musselwhite and Linda Burkhart

Sample Sequenced Social Scripts: Collected at Closing the Gap, 2001
Caroline Musselwhite: pre-conference session

Anatomy of A Conversation: Social Scripts
Suggested Conversational Messages - Collected from Multiple Workshops
(2000-2001) Linda J. Burkhart and Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Web Sites for Kids Jokes and Riddles
This is a page of links to Web Sites that post jokes and riddles appropriate for kids

Getting Past Learned Helplessness for Children Who Face Severe Challenges: Four Secrets for Success
ISAAC, Odense, Denmark, 2002
Handout by Linda Burkhart

Multi-Modality Supports for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Handout by Linda Burkhart

Developing Visual Skills for Children who Face Cortical Visual Impairments

Linda J. Burkhart

Two Switches for Success: Access for Children with Severe Physical and/or Multiple Challenges

Linda J. Burkhart, Dale Gardner-Fox M.S., RPT, Gretchen Hanser MS, OTR/L,
Deanna K. Wagner, MS/CCC-SLP

Designing Light-Tech & High Tech Dynamic Auditory Scanning Systems

PowerPoint Slides - Click Here

Printable pdf document - Click Here / Black and White Printable pdf document - Click Here

Gayle Porter and Linda J. Burkhart

Aided Language Stimulation for the Prospective Auditory Scanner

PowerPoint Slides - Click Here

Printable pdf document - Click Here / Black and White Printable pdf document - Click Here

Linda J. Burkhart and Gayle Porter

Partner-Assisted Communication - Short Session

Linda J. Burkhart

Instructional Course - Presented at ISAAC in Germany - July 2006

Partner-Assisted Communication Strategies for
Children Who Face Multiple Challenges

PODD Communication Books - Gayle Porter

Linda J. Burkhart and Gayle Porter


Handouts from Dale Gardner-Fox M.S., RPT

The Balancing Act By Dale Gardner-Fox M.S., RPT

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