Selected Links to Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Resources for Children with Disabilities

Compiled by Linda J. Burkhart Updated: October 2002

Web sites in this table are sorted by topic.
Web site links and descriptions are listed alphabetically below the table.
Shareware and Freeware Apple, Kid's Domain , Missouri Tech Center, Trace
Tutorials ATTO Barkley AAC,
Augmentative Communication AAC Intervention, Color Coding, AAC?, ACOLUG, Barkley AAC,, NCIP, News for You, Trace, Sign Language, YAACK
Online Articles and Information AbilityHub, Accessible Design, Augmentative Communication News, AskERIC, ATEN, Autism/PDD, Barkley AACCTGap, CTE, Danny,DRM, EASI, Family Village, Glossary, IATP, Inclusive Ed, LD Resources, Let's PlayNCIP, RESNA, SpeciaLaw, TAP, TeamRehab, Trace, YAACK
Vendors and Products ABLEDATA, CTGap, DRM, Equipment Exchange, Glossary, Mac Access Passport, RSI Resources, RESNA, Selected Resources, Trace, Vendor Members ATA
Practical Strategies AAC Intervention, Autism/PDD,, Inclusive Ed, LD Resources, Let's Play, NCIP, Special Needs Resources
Parent Information Funding, Autism/PDD, Danny, DRM, Family Village, Inclusive Ed, Let's Play, Our Kids, Parenting Resources, Special Child Mag.
Specific Disabilities Autism, Autism Links, DRM, Family Village, LD Resources, Parenting Resources
Funding and Legal Issues AACRERC, Funding, Missouri Tech Center, RESNA, SpeciaLaw, Wrightslaw
Activities and setups to Download, IntelliTools, Mayer-Johnson Co., Special Needs Resources, Dynavox  Exchange, Pictures Online, Clicker 4
Online Discussions ACOLUG, Chatboard, CTE, Qiat, Special Child Mag.
Other N2 Mail, Search Engines

AAC Intervention
This site is full of great tips and strategies for using Augmentative Communication with children.  Make sure to check out the Tips, Tricks, and Cheat Sheets as well as the Tip of the Month.  Software setups and other  products from Caroline Musselwhite and Julie Maro are available from this site.  Explanation of Color Coding for picture communication symbols is at

AACRERC Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement
Information on Medicare Funding of AAC Technology

AAC Service Delivery with Children: Twenty Frequently-Asked Questions
This is a good overview about augmentative communication, giving answers to frequently asked questions with references. Copyright 1997, Cynthia J. Cress, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

AbilityHub: Assistive Technology Solutions
This is a general site with information and resources for a range of assistive technology.

This is a searchable databases that contains data from the ABLEDATA Sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, There are over 17,000 assistive technology products listed including everything from wheelchairs to reachers to computer keyboards. Some of the product records contain pictures.

Accessible Web Page Design
This is a list of articles discussing how to make a web page accessible to individuals with disabilities. There are links to sites where you can test your web page for accessibility.

ACOLUG: Augmentative Communication On-LineUsers Group
This is a mailing listserv for AAC users, parents of non verbal children and young adults, friends and professionals working in this field. They now also have a web page with a searchable archive as well as the listserv.

Apple Computer's Disability Connection
This site provides information on adaptations for Macintosh computers.   They also have an extensive shareware library for downloading software.

AskERIC Virtual Library
AskERIC is the Internet-based education information service of the ERIC System, headquartered at the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology at Syracuse University. This site will perform information searches on topics related to education.

Assistive Technology Training Online, Center for Assistive Technology, University at Buffalo
Simple, free online training for Assistive Technology and some tutorials on software.

Augmentative Communication News
and Alternatively Speaking
Each issue focuses on one augmentative communication topic with current best practices, research and equipment. Some excellent past articles are archived online at this site.

Autism Web Links (Selected)
Selected Links on Autism Spectrum including articles and sites with practical strategies. (compiled by Linda J. Burkhart)

Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Nebraska-Lincoln site with information related to Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The site includes AAC Device programming tutorials, definitions of AAC terms, frequently used vocabulary lists for different age groups and other resources and other information related to augmentative communication.

Center for the Study of Autism
Collection of articles on many aspects of Autism

Chatboard for teachers of students with special needs
This is a web based bulletin board with posting of general topics for special educators.

Clicker 4 Community

A collection of Clicker Grids for learning - free to download. The activites work with Clicker 4. Begin by registering for free.

Closing the Gap
They have an online, searchable version of their Resource Directory for computer-related products for people with special needs, including software and hardware.  They also have an online archive of articles from Closing the Gap Newsletter.

The Center for Technology in Education hosts an interactive discussion board for members of the Maryland Assistive Technology Network (MATN).  There is an online version of the Status Report as well as an archive of some back issues.

Dannyís homepage
Resources for parents and families who are dealing with issues related to infants with disabilities.  Dannyís mother shares the story of her adorable son Danny along with Internet resources that she has found helpful.
This is a great site with information and resources as well as free printable picture symbols and charts to use for visual schedules and steps within tasks. This site was originally designed for children on the Autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities, but has wide application to any children who might benefit from the use of visual supports for learning.

DRM Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet
This site has compiled an extensive list of online information related to disabilities, including a regional resource directory that may be searched by state. Disability Resources, inc. is a nonprofit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information for independent living.

The Dynavox Page Exchange
This is a great page to find and share pages for the Dynavox and Dynamite.  Send your pages in and download sets of pages created by others.

EASI Equal Access to Software and Information
This web site offers a variety of information related to adaptive technologies and access to software and information - including online courses (for a fee), curriculum strategies for science and math, legal information, and articles on assistive technology.

Equipment Exchange - Sites collected by the Maryland Assistive Technology Coop
Online Web site that sell used assistive technology equipment

Family Village: Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This site contains extensive resources. For example, check out assistive technology under school and visit the library which contains information about disability-related topics and specific disabilities or conditions.  This is a global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them services and supports.

Finding Pictures Online
This is a collection of web sites for finding pictures for communication displays and educational materials. Please note the copyright web links.

Funding for Assistive Technology - The Family Village
This is an excellent list of Web Links for funding assistive technology.

Glossary of Adaptive Technologies, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto
This is a glossary of Assistive Technology Terms and description of products. The site is maintained by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto.

Illinois Assistive Technology Project (IATP)
Check out TECHNOTES: IATP online articles on topics related to assistive technology.

Inclusive Education Web Site Renaissance Group The Whats and How Tos of Inclusive Education
Here you will find extensive online text on the topic of Inclusion of special needs students in the typical classroom. This site is produced by the Renaissance Group, a consortium of universities noted for their teacher education programs and working to reform teacher education.  Books, organizations and web sites related to the inclusion are also included.

IntelliTools Activity Exchange
The Activity Exchange is the place for IntelliTools users to share activities they've made with IntelliTalk, Overlay Maker, ClickIt!, or IntelliPics. Browse, preview, and then download the activities you're interested in.

Kid's Domain Downloads
Shareware and Freeware for kids for the Mac and PC. They have Sound toy, KeyWack, Babytime, etc.

LD Resources
This is an excellent site that contains extensive resources and links for the learning disabilities community and the use of technology.

Let's Play Project
This is a great site that gives simple, clear information about young children and play including adapted play strategies and resources.  Photos of children using adapted play materials are included.

Mac Access Passport
The Mac Access Passport database lists those hard-to-find products that help people with disability use a Macintosh computer. It includes information on more than 100 software and hardware tools.

Mayer-Johnson Co. Setups to Share
Boardmaker Boards Speaking Dynamically Boards to download.  See also to download additional symbol sets and pre-made grids for many AAC devices.

Missouri Technology Center for Special Education
This site contains a library of freeware and shareware.

N2 Mail
Free web based e-mail accounts affiliated with the American Schools Directory.

The National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP) is a wonderful site with online workshops and a guided tour of an early childhood classroom set up with assistive technology - complete with video clips. The site also includes facilitated discussion forums on students with disabilities, a collection of resources about technology and special education and an extensive list of links to other sites on the Internet.

News to You
This is a really cool weekly newspaper for augmentative communication users as well as emergent readers. Communication symbols are used along with the text to allow symbol users an opportunity to read the news. Stories are simplified and easy for children to understand. You pay a yearly subscription fee, and then you will be able to download the issues from the Web site. Each issue has 3-4 pages of current events, a craft or recipe, a joke, and an activity page that relates to the week's lead story. News-2-You is now available in Regular, Simple and Higher Editions.

Our Kids
This is an archive from the listserv called Our-Kids. Our-Kids is a support group for parents and others who are working with children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays.

Parenting Resources from PEDINFO
This is a list of links to other sites that contain useful information for parents of children with disabilities.

QIAT "A nationwide collegial endeavor dedicated to the Development and Implementation of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services in School Settings." Managed by Joy Zabala. Check this site for excellent resources on Quality Indicators for A.T. Sign up for the Qiat listserve for quality information and discussion regarding assistive technology.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) Resources
This is an extensive resource site of products and information about alternative keyboards, software, speech input devices, furniture and other ergonomic solutions used to treat and prevent repetitive movement injuries.

RESNA Technical Assistance (TA) Project
This project provides information and consultation to assistive technology programs in states and territories funded under The Technology- Related Assistance For Individuals With Disabilities Act Amendments of 1994 (P.L. 103-218). Locate the AT program in your state and read articles relating to legislation and assistive technology.

Selected Resources
Selected Vendors and Manufacturers with annotations and links, Selected Books on Augmentative Communication and Adaptive Play, Selected Organizations and Publications. Compiled by Linda J. Burkhart.

Sign Language  Web sites
This is a list of Web sites that have online Signs.  Look up a sign for a word or learn to fingerspell.  Some sites even offer a quiz feature so you can test your skills.

Special Child Magazine's Bulletin Board
Web based bulletin board with postings on a variety of topics regarding children with special needs sponsored by Special Child Magazine, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs.

SpeciaLaw from EDLAW, Inc.
Full texts of statutes, regulations, and administrative interpretations

Tapping Technology
This site contains selected articles from Tapping Technology- a publication of the Maryland Technology Assistance Program.

TeamRehab on the Web
This site is affiliated with TeamRehab Report magazine. The Web site has information on rehabilitation technology, including services, funding, sources, standards, case studies and outcomes. The site includes current articles and an archive of past articles.

Trace Center: Designing More Usable Computers and Software
Links to Shareware and Freeware for adapting all types of computers.

Trace Research & Development Center
This site contains a Cooperative Electronic Library of selected disability documents and resources. They also offer Designing an Accessible World with suggested guidelines for designing a wide variety of technologies for use by individuals with disabilities. There are also online searchable databases of assistive technology products as well as  freeware and shareware to download.

Vendor Members of the Alliance for Technology Access
A collection of developers and distributors of assistive technology devices and software are vendor partners of the Alliance for Technology Access.

Wrightslaw - Special Education Law & Advocacy
This site provides up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities.

YAACK: Augmentative Communication Resource Guide for Young Kids
This page is a comprehensive guide to using AAC, with a clear organization and easy to read discussion.  It was created by Ruth Ballinger as a Masterís degree project at the University of Hawaii.  She draws her information from a variety of experts in the field.

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