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Encyclopedias and Almanacs

Information Please Kids' Almanac: Fact Monster - On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
This is an online kid's almanac and Encyclopedia with general information about a large number of topics.
This is the online

Encyclopedia Britannica
This is a free service that includes access to the entire text of the renowned Encyclopedia Britannica, the best sites on the Web as selected by Britannica editors, more than 75 top-quality

Funk and Wagnalls Online Encyclopedia
This is a free service that includes text and pictures from the Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, World Atlas, Animal book and News.

Encarta Online
This is an online searchable encyclopedia with articles and pictures.

Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition
This online encyclopedia provides brief articles on a wide range of topics with a search feature. There are no photos or diagrams.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Smithsonian from A to Z
This is a searchable collection of information from the Smithsonian
Click on a letter A to Z. Some linkw will just take you to information about the Smithsonian Museum and others will take you to information about the topic.

Letsfindout Kids' Encyclopedia - not currently online - Please let me know if you know anything about this service - Thanks
This is a searchable, basic online encyclopedia from the software company, Knowledge Adventure.

The World Factbook
This is the CIA World Factbook with maps and information about every country in the world.

Altapedia Online

Altapdedia Online contains key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Maps at this site have "Altapedia" embossed across them.


WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
Type in a word to find the definition in this dictionary.

WWWebster Thesaurus - Search screen
Type in a word to find other words with similar meanings.

Rhyming Dictionary
Type in a word to find word that rhyme with that word.

The Wordsmyth English Dictionary - Thesaurus
Type in a word to find a definition, synonyms and similar words.


Map Machine Atlas: Map @
The Map Machine Atlas offers maps, flags, facts and profiles for countries of the world and each state of the United States.

National Geographic Atlas
This page has almost 600 maps from around the world. Click on a continent, country, province or state, choose a format and print the map.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Extensive collections of current and historical maps of the world.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States
This site shows shaded relief maps and satellite images of each state in the U.S.

Type in any US address to view a map of that address. Note: Some addresses are not correctly located on maps. Click on Browse All Map to find a regional map of a city, state, province, or country. There are advertisements on this page.

Type in Any US address to view a map of that address. Click above or below the hot air balloon to zoom in closer or view map from farther away. There are advertisements on this page.

Earth and Moon Viewer
This page allows you to view the earth from satellites at specific times and locations that you select. These views give a good visual image of day and night around the world.

Biographies of Famous People
Type in the name of a famous person or other key words to find biographical information.

Biographical Dictionary Search Page
This dictionary has very brief information about famous people.

Lives, the Biography Resource
Links to biography web sites for individuals who are no longer living.

Public Figures
This is a web site that provides information about current public figures. You can search by name or work. There are a lot of advertisements.

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