Finding Pictures Online

There are many places to find pictures online that can be used for communications systems and educational materials. Please keep in mind that images on the web are protected by copyright. Unless specifically labeled as Public Domain, copyright laws do apply. Please read the copyright sites listed below for a good discussion about the Fair Use of copyrighted material for use in education and multimedia.

Web Sites for Pictures

Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom, on the Internet, and the World Wide Web
Copyright information from: University of Maryland University College

Copyright articles from: Education World
Is Fair Use a License to Steal?
Applying Fair Use to New Technologies

Copyright: Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia
This is a great site with information and resources as well as free printable picture symbols and charts to use for visual schedules and steps within tasks. This site was originally designed for children on the Autism spectrum and children with learning disabilities, but has wide application to any children who might benefit from the use of visual supports for learning.

Visual Supports: Helping Your Child Understand and Communicate
Article with practical strategies for making visual supports for students on the Autism Spectrum - from The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD)

Strategies for Teaching Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Microsoft clip art
Available to those who own Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word.

See it, Say it, Write it
Click on Kids for simple text recipes with matching digital pictures. The also have ideas for parents and teachers for curriculum K-12.

Educational Directories with Search Features:
Use these educational search engines to find specific web sites that offer content intended for educational use. Pictures on these sites may or may not be copyrighted. Use for individual educational purposes or email the web site for permission.

Beyond Autism Pecs Pictures/Icons Pages
Large list of links for picture symbols and already created language boards available online. Some are commercial sights and some are free sites. Scroll down to:
“These pages are mainly standard size pecs pictures with icons that are most commonly used” and “These are the most common standard size for pecs with imported "real" photographs”
Note: It is unclear if these pictures have been posted with or without copyright permission.
This is a Visual Web Search Engine that finds images anywhere online. Copyright restrictions will apply on many of these pictures. Copyright will be held by the site where the image is located. The first page is sponsored links. The web images start on the second page of the search.

Web Clip Art
This is a Web clip art search engine that finds clip art online. Copyright restrictions will apply on many of these pictures.

Graphic and Clipart Links
This is a Web clip art search engine that finds clip art online. Copyright restrictions will apply on many of these pictures.


Boardmaker Boards, IntelliTools Activity Exchanges, and Other Sharing Sites:

IntelliTools Activity Exchange

Montgomery County Public Schools:Teacher Created Resources

Montgomery County Public Schools: Teaching Ideas for Early Childhood Special Educators: Sorted by Theme - Materials Exchange

Aided Language Stimulation Overlays for Books
You must have Boardmaker from Mayer Johnson Co. or Picture It from Slater Software in order to print these overlays.
Other premade activities and overlays for a variety of devices and software:

Curriculum Resources
Resources developed for specific products are sorted by curriculum area. Click on any of the file names for a description and an option to download.

SET-BC Resources: Boardmaker Files

BoardMaker On Board: SET-BC

IntelliTools Software Exchange: SET-BC

Early Childhood Thematic Units

Low Incidence Unit - Overlay Activities

The Dynavox Exchange Page

Hyperstudio Downloads
Mostly simple cause and effect stacks

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