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PODD Resource: (Templates for Paper PODD Communication Books)

Currently, What is available for PODD communication books is a three CD Resource which contains 14 page sets of Direct access template communication books that open in Boardmaker. The CDs also include a printable manual and numerous written resourses, such as information and construction files for each of the 14 PODD Communication Books

US supplier: Mayer-Johnson, Co. http://www.mayer-johnson.com

For more Information:
email: podd@cpec.com.au

International supplier - English versions (There are two English versions)
A4/A5 paper (currently available)
Letter paper (available since Dec, 2008)

Danish version PODD


NOTE: Two other versions of the PODD resource for paper PODD books are currently
being developed

1. alternative access methodologies (eye-gaze, partner-assisted visual scanning, combination and coded access)

2. alternative visual/audtory presentation designed for students with additional visual concerns. These templates will include books more specifically designed for the access strategy of auditory and auitory plus visual partner-assisted scanning. Gayle Porter and Linda Burkhart are
working together on this version.

There are no projected release date for these versions at this time.

Tips and Tricks
for Making a PODD
If you are making your own PODD, while waiting for commercial availability, you may want to use the same page numbering and color coding system as Gayle Porter uses in her PODDs.

Click Here for PODD Page Numbers and PODD Color Codes for page tabs


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