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Please Note: Products available at this time are limited and older versions. We hope to update this section in the future.

All IntelliTools Classroom Suite Activities were created with Version 3. They do run in newer versions, 4 and 5, however there may be some glitches. The directions are slightly different from the newer versions. If you are familiar with Classroom Suite, then you should be able to use and modify and customize the activities in Two Switches to Success.

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Two Switches to Success!: Increasing Participation and Cognitive Engagement with Two Switch Activities and Two Switch Step Scanning (2006)
by Linda J. Burkhart
bugs on my head activityline breakline breakHats to Kyle picture

Classroom Suite activites that were originally created in IntelliTalk and IntelliPics Studio: Activities, Templates and “How to” Directions for 2 Switch and 2 Switch Step Scanning Access - last updated in 2006

28 page book describing the Stepping Stone Process (Burkhart 2004)

Would you like to try your hand at creating some activities with Classroom Suite for your students who are switch users? This CD includes numerous ready-made activities to try with students as well as templates and directions for creating your own activities. This is a great way to learn some of the features of this versatile program.

Activities include: Finding a butterfly behind one of two boxes, Bugs on Me game, Hats to Kyle, controlling how the computer reads stories, combining letters with word endings, an animated alphabet book, choose and play activities, errorless story creation, counting activities, category books, Which one? activities, and more!

Please note: You must own Classroom Suite to run and customize these activities. Purchase Classroom Suite from

*IntelliKeys or Intelliswitch is required for some of these activities

 Mac/ Win CD - $49.95 plus $5 shipping

CAN WE CHAT? CO-Planned Sequenced Social Scripts: A Make It / Take It Book of Ideas and Adaptations,
by Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite and Linda J. Burkhart - 2006

Co-planned sequenced social scripts offer an opportunity for the beginning communicator or struggling switch user to engage in "real" communication that is frequent, motivating, self-initiated, varied, ongoing with multiple turns, and with a range of partners, including peers. This 40 page book covers why, who, when, and how to create and use CO-planned sequenced scripts. Learn creative strategies that take advantage of the sequencing features in devices such as Step-By-Steps, Sequencers, and branching on sophisticated communication devices. The Mac/Win companion CD includes: More than 60 sample scripts; IntelliPics Joke-Telling activity; template activities for various software (DynaVox, Speaking Dynamically Pro); as well as directions and picture symbols to print and construct projects suggested in the book. Symbols to support scripts provided in Boardmaker and Acrobat Reader Formats.

 Book and CD - $29.95  / CD (includes printable copy of book) - $24.95 - $5 shipping with either option

Early Childhood Software!
Early Songs and Play (2006)

Early Songs and Play screen shot


Classroom Suite Activities created by Linda J. Burkhart 

  • Simple Graphics and Colorful Animations 
  • Child Directed - Exploration of Beginning Language Concepts 
  • Digitized Children's Voices and Songs 
  • Activities classified by Stepping Stone Process (Burkhart, 2004)
  • 2 Switch Control Through the IntelliKeys or IntelliSwitch
  • Touch Window and mouse Compatible
  • IntelliKeys Overlays - ready to print and use
Screen shot build and crash blockspicture symbol for yea!Screen shot throw ball at blocks

Balloon Play - Children select a colored balloon and blow it up, let it go, pop it or make it float down slowly.
Clay - Children can manipulate clay on the computer screen: pound it, stretch it, make a snake or drop it.
Blocks - Children build a tower of four blocks and knock them down at will. Includes two levels of color overlays for IntelliKeys 
Spider Song - Children control this familiar song in four segments and comment "Yeah!" or "Uh oh!" with colorful animation. Includes two levels of color overlays for IntelliKeys
Five in a Bed - Children love to play with this song while experimenting with beginning number concepts and language skills. Includes two levels of color overlays for IntelliKeys
Big/Small/Fast/Slow - Children play with familiar objects by making them get big or small and making them go fast or slow. Song and digitized sounds emphasize these concepts. Includes three levels of color overlays for IntelliKeys 

Please note: You must own Classroom Suite to run these activities. Purchase Classroom Suite from

*IntelliKeys or Intelliswitch is required for some of these activities


Early Songs and Play:  Revision 3    (Mac/Win)  ............................... $44.95 plust $5 shipping


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