Adding Videos to Classroom Suite Templates

These activities are intended for children who face significant multiple challenges and who will be learning to use switches to access a computer. Commercially available software can be entertaining and exciting for some children, however, other children may not be able to make connections to their own experiences and understandings. Customized activities that use videos related to the child’s personal experiences and passions can be great learning tools and very effective motivators.

These directions will show you how to add your own videos to 5 Classroom Suite templates that have been created to address different levels of switch access. (Two Switches to Success, Burkhart, 2006).

NOTE: Please respect Copyright Laws -

Directions: (Click to Download)

Adding Videos to Classroom Suite Templates

Using Videos in Classroom Suite File Formats and Applications

Download Videos from YouTube and Flipcam Camcorders

Making Activities for Classroom Suite with Windows Movie Maker and Digital Photos


1. video 2 choices left right – This activity is an example of using two switches for two separate functions. IntelliKeys or IntelliSwitch is required to make this activity work automatically with attached overlay. (Keyboard equivalents are sent as: F12leftENTER and F12rightEnter.)

Note: the rest of the activities require IntelliKeys, IntelliSwitch, or other switch interface, when played in Dedicated Scanning

2. just videos template – This activity simply allows the child to use two switch step scanning to choose one of 5 videos.

3. video 1 branch template – Simple step scan selection of video with a branch to “play it again” and “choose a video”.

4. video comment template – Select a video with step scanning and make a comment if desired about what you think, or ask a question.

5. move get video template – Used to improve motor/cognitive targeting. Move past blank buttons to select “play movie”. Movie played is randomly drawn from pages. Use this only after the child has practiced with errorless activities above.Mode – switch equivalents 2 (step) and 3 (select)



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